Rubicon Payments Gateway For WooCommerce

From: $39.99

Start accepting credit card and ACH payments with your WooCommerce store today. Quickly and safely integrate Rubicon Payments gateway with WooCommerce using this plugin.

You will be signed up to a YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION that you can cancel anytime. Your license includes support and product updates for 12 months, which automatically extends to another 12 months on each renewal payment.

Rubicon Payments Gateway For WooCommerce From: $39.99
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Rubicon Payments specializes in developing, tailoring, and integrating payment gateway systems that conform to PCI DSS standards. These systems are specifically designed for ISOs, MSPs, and PSPs. With our Rubicon Payments Transaction Gateway plugin, you can accept credit and debit card payments directly at checkout on your WordPress e-commerce site through WooCommerce.

Rubicon Payments for WooCommerce Features

  • Easy Install: One click installation to WooCommerce. Then enter gateway specific user and security information and start accepting payments!
  • Secure Credit Card Processing: Utilizes Collect.js tokenization library to securely send payment data to your Rubicon Payments Transaction Gateway. Adhere to the highest level of security certification and PCI standards.
  • Authorize Now, Capture Later: Optionally choose only to authorize transactions, and capture at a later date.
  • Restrict Card Types: Optionally choose to restrict certain card types and the plugin will hide its icon and provide a proper error message on checkout.
  • Refund via Dashboard: Process full or partial refunds, directly from your WordPress dashboard! No need to search order on gateway login.
  • Gateway Receipts: Optionally choose to send receipts from your merchant account.
  • Logging: Enable logging so you can debug issues that arise if any.
  • Process Subscriptions [Enterprise]: Use with WooCommerce Subscriptions extension to create and manage products with recurring payments – payments that will give you residual revenue you can track and count on.
  • Setup Pre-Orders [Enterprise]: Use with WooCommerce Pre-Orders extension so customers can order products before they’re available by submitting their card details. The card is then automatically charged when the pre-order is available.
  • 3D Secure 2 Card Verification [Enterprise]: Optionally, enable 3D Secure 2 card verification and make your site Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliant.
  • eCheck Payment via ACH [Enterprise]: Full eCheck payment support using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network.
  • Pay via Saved Cards [Enterprise]: Enable option to use saved card details on the gateway servers for quicker checkout. No sensitive card data is stored on the website!

Advanced Version vs Basic Version

Basic version is your perfect companion for one-time orders. Process credit card payments of any amount and fulfil customer orders with ease.

Advanced version is a full blown plugin that provides full support for processing ACH payments, subscriptions, pre-orders and refunds directly from your website. The credit card or eCheck account information is saved by the gateway and is reused to charge recurring payments or pre-orders at a later time. It also gives an option to use saved cards/eCheck accounts for a quicker checkout on manual orders.



  • Active Rubicon Payments Merchant and Payment Gateway Accounts.
  • “Customer Vault” must be enabled in payment gateway to initiate and process subscription payments, and to securely store cardholder data for future transactions.
  • WooCommerce 3.0.0 or later. WooCommerce Subscriptions 2.3.0 or later if you need recurring payment support.
  • A valid SSL certificate is required to ensure your customer credit card details are safe and make your site PCI DSS compliant. This plugin does not store the customer credit card numbers or sensitive information on your website.


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